Molecular Characterization of the Croatian Autochthonous Istrian Cattle

Jelena Prpić, Tomislav Keros, Lorena Jemeršić


The purpose of the study was to improve knowledge on the genetic structure status of the Croatian autochthonous Istrian cattle, breed currently listed by the FAO as “critically endangered”. The study included 20 randomly selected cattle blood samples on which genotyping was performed using 11 microsatellites from the panel recommended by the ISAG / FAO. The procedure enabled the identification of as many as 209 (94.14%) genotypes and, at the same time 114 allelic variations were found with = 10.36 alleles per locus. The genotypes showed differences between the microsatellite loci and also significant differences in the frequency of both homozygosity and heterozygosity. The analysis of the occurrence of the microsatellite loci showed marked allelic variability. The distribution of genetic relationship was expressed by F coefficients, and a moderate level of genetic diversity was observed at some loci. The findings demonstrate the degree of breed relationship and breed purity, but also indicate threats to certain parts of the genome of the studied Istrian cattle. Therefore, urgent measures must be taken to support both the genetic consolidation and preservation of the remaining population of “purebred” samples.


Genetic diversity; Genetic structure; Istrian cattle; Microsatellites; Podolian cattle

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