The New Media Vocabulary: Comparative Analysis of English, French, Italian and Croatian Cases

Perica Domijan, Silvija Batoš


The main term new media is still useful, though it refers to the digital technologies which are not particularly new, as they have emerged since the 1980s, especially those connected with the Internet. The definition may also include computer games and mobile phones, but increasingly the Internet is becoming central. The key features of new media are: interactivity, users have much more control over what they experience than was the case with traditional media (newspapers or TV); digital distribution to users, while older technologies used analogue broadcasting (radio waves); convergence,  the coming together of once separate media (classic examples include digital cameras and web browsers built into mobile phones). Often used interchangeably, The Internet (The Net) and the World Wide Web (the Web) are not synonymous. Most of the vocabulary with collocations (media-savvy; podcasts and blogs widely used by mainstream media companies, the BBC) will be explained, compared with French, Italian and Croatian cases and applied in EAP (English for Academic Purposes), in other foreign languages, as well as in Croatian.


Convergence; Digital distribution; Interactivity; New media; The Net; The Web.

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