Effectiveness of Workshop on “Stress reducing techniques among the Researchers of Uttarakhand”

Arpita Sharma


Stress is an emotional and bodily reaction to physical, psychological or emotional demands. Today’s students are suffering from Stress problem. High Competition, Peer conflict, Poor results from Research Work, Late Job, Unsatisfied from Grade, Financial hazards, Problems in Married Life are some of the reasons of frustration among the Ph.D. students. Past researches have shown that majority of Ph.D. students were frustrated due to some reasons. Keeping the above fact in mind, a study was undertaken during 2017-18 at Golden Jubilee Hostel (Ph.D. students) of GBPUA&T, Pantnagar with the objective to study the socio-economic characteristics of students, to assess the stress level of students and to organize stress reducing workshop in the Hostel. Data was collected through well semi-structured interview schedule developed for the purpose from 50 randomly selected students. Results indicated that all the respondents reported that most of the days they felt that they have less interest or pleasure in doing things followed by felt down, depressed and hopeless. More than half per cent students reported that they have trouble in sleep followed by poor appetite or overeating. Total 44 per cent respondents reported that they were feeling bad about yourself due to high level of frustration and stress. Total 40 per cent respondents reported that they felt emotional distress, anxiety, depression, unmanageable anger followed by isolation and difficulty in adjustment. Total 30 per cent respondents were feeling high stress level and excessive worrying followed by elevated or decreased mood. Less than half per cent of the respondents were feeling peer conflict followed by fatigue or social withdrawal. Total 26 per cent respondents were feeling threatening/aggressive behaviour to self or others. Total 14 per cent respondents have inability to care for self. On the basis of these results a workshop on stress management was organized in the Hostel. The result showed that students stress was reduced at some extent after attending the workshop.

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