Information for Editors

Scholars Scitech Research Organization is inviting you to join as an editorial board member in our Journals. If you would like to join as an editorial board member for Scholars Scitech Research Organization send us your resume via e-mail: Selected Editorial board member’s information will publish in this website journals. Educational qualification required minimum PhD degree for editorial board member. Editor and editorial board members do not receive any remuneration. These positions are voluntary.

The Editor is an esteemed and a profound person whose decision is utmost important in the process of editing, peer-reviewing and decision regarding article publication. The Editor thoroughly examines the content and expresses his/her views regarding the quality and integrity of the article and also regarding any changes to be incorporated for the best outcome of the literature.

  • Editors are requested to assign the reviewers for the manuscripts received from the editorial office. If the editors are busy, they can inform the editorial office about their unavailability. This enables us to assign the same article to other editors having similar research interest.
  • Editors are requested to perform detailed evaluation of the manuscript and should suggest for any further modifications to be done in the article.
  • Timely contribution of the editorials/manuscripts for the upcoming issues of the journal.
  • Encouraging the submission of good quality manuscripts by recruiting authors or referring colleagues for manuscript submission.
  • Quality check of the manuscript, once it is received from the editorial office.
  • Timely response to the editorial office and completion of the review process within the provided timeline.
  • Editors are not bound to process a given number of manuscripts. The editor is free to work according to his interest and his prior commitments.
  • We encourage editors to provide new ideas/suggestions for the development of the journal.
  • Editors should be in contact with other editorial board members.
  • Editors have to monitor the complete peer review process to maintain the standard of the journal.
  • Editors need to comply with data protection ethics and maintain confidentiality. While considering case reports and patient photographs, it is always advisable to obtain written consent of the patients from the respective authors and to ensure their authenticity.
  • Editors will be publish article when author complete the formalities to publish the article.

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