Guidelines for Reviewers

Peer review is a critical factor in promoting the rigor and high quality of scientific research. Manuscripts submitted for publication in Scholars Scitech Research Journals are usually reviewed by two or more experts to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance and readability. SSRO conducts using a closed peer review system. Peer review report should be written in English, free from grammatical errors and other linguistic inconsistencies.

Review Articles will explain you about:

  • The expert person working in a field.
  • Latest inventions and discoveries.
  • Significant gaps in the research.
  • Current debates.
  • Ideas of where research might go next.

Important Guidelines for Reviewer

Adopt a positive, impartial, but critical attitude toward the manuscript under review, with the aim of promoting effective, accurate, and relevant scientific communication.

Please consider the following aspects when reviewing a manuscript:

  • Does the paper fit within the stated scope of the journal?
  • Does the paper identify a gap in scientific knowledge and add new knowledge to the overall body of scientific understanding, or repeat another study to verify its findings?
  • Is the paper free of errors in logic?
  • Do the conclusions follow from the evidence?
  • Are alternative explanations explored as appropriate?
  • Are biases, limitations, and assumptions clearly stated, and uncertainty quantified?
  • Is methodology explained in sufficient detail so that the paper’s scientific conclusions could be tested by others?
  • Is previous work and current understanding cited and represented correctly?
  • Is information conveyed clearly enough to be understood by the typical reader?
  • Are all figures and tables necessary, appropriate, legible, and annotated (as appropriate)?

The primary role of reviewers is to determine whether the submitted work is scientifically sound and reasonable with respect to methodology, argument, conclusions, and proper positioning of the work within the existing literature on the subject and related areas.

Reviewers are asked to provide concrete, constructive and substantiated comments and reflections to assist the editors in making a final decision regarding publication of the manuscript; and to assist the author in improving the manuscript such that it can be published.

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