Internationalisation of Higher Education in Botswana: A Route to Realising the Principle of Self-Reliance in Botswana’s Education Philosophy

Jane Iloanya


Botswana’s first national policy on education was unveiled in 1977 eleven years

after the country became independent from the British. The education policy of

1977, which was commonly known as Education for Kagisano was based on the

National principles of Botswana which are: Democracy; Development; Self-reliance; Unity and Botho. These national principles are imbedded in the nation’s education philosophy and reflect in all aspects of the nation’s education system. This paper was  informed  by  the  views  of  a  group of  third year students  the  researcher supervised during their internship programme. Relevant literature was used to augment  the  paper.  The  paper  sets  out  to  examine  the  extent  to  which the Batswana have been able to actualise the national principle of Self- reliance, as a result of the current wave of internationalisation of higher education in Botswana and goes on to argue that the wave of internationalisation of higher education in Botswana in the past decade, is positively contributing to the actualisation process of the principle of self-reliance in its education philosophy. This is evidenced by the international  dimensions  of  the  curricula  of  the  various  institutions  of  higher learning  which  are  heavy  on  practical  and  vocational  courses  that  equip  the students with skills and knowledge to rely on themselves and be self-employed in the absence of paid employment.

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